A Typical Day in the Nursery


So what does a typical day look like?

That’s a difficult one to answer, as it will be different for each child! However, it’s likely that it might be a bit like this:-
Arrival at nursery, find peg and hang coat up;
Go to say hello to Key Worker, and “write” your name on the self-registration sheet;
Make a decision about what you want to do first. Could be painting, playing in the sand, dressing up, spending time at the computer, working with your favourite adult, reading a story, riding a bike, running up and down the hill, getting wet with the water things…
Stop for a bite to eat in the snack area after washing hands;
Go to the toilet! Wash hands again;
Go and do something different, or return to what I was doing before;
Tidy up
Join my Key Worker group for Key Worker time;
Get ready to go home, or stay for lunch or after-school club!

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