Medical Conditions and Allergies


We would ask that the nursery be made aware of any medical conditions or allergies your child may have, and of any special action we may need to take.

It is our intention to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all children, and we will use this information to make sure that we can do all we can to make this possible.

Good attendance at nursery and school is crucial to ensure that children make the progress they deserve, and we wish to foster the right habits from the start.

However, we recognise that very young children will not, and at times should not, attend nursery if they are unwell.

We always ask parents and carers to notify us on the first day of absence by telephoning the nursery, and to give us an indication of when their child may return.

We always follow up unexplained absences and will contact you if your child is absent and you haven’t called us.

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